Pumpkins and Princes

 This past week one of my short stories was published on Short Fiction Break, a literary website, after I entered the into a fall writing contest hosted by Short Fiction Break and The Write Practice.

 It is one of the first times that my writing has made it onto a semi-pro website like this, and I am really excited. Here is the link to my story. Be sure to check out some of the other stories while you are there. A lot of them are really good. 

  I will be posting the results of the contest here once the winner is announced. 

  Wish me luck!

 God Bless,





That was the only word Daria could use to describe the scene before her. Normally on opening night the dancer’s dressing room was filled with laughter and excitement as they all prepared for last rehearsal. It was the final run-through before preforming for their audience. It should have been a good day.

Instead, everyone sat at their dressing tables, utterly dejected. The show couldn’t go on. All because the male lead, the man meant to dance the part of Prince Charming, was a total diva. 

They couldn’t put on the show without Philip. Yet he had stormed off stage the day before promising he wouldn’t be back. Even though he knew his stand in was injured and couldn’t replace him. Charming indeed.