Writing Prompt Contest: The Assassin

Hey guys,

 Last week I had the opportunity to participate in another one of E.J W's writing prompt contests. 

 This time I didn't have the winning story, but the winner's story is awesome so you should definitely stop by with this link and check it out. 

 And here was my entry.


The guard's words traveled clearly across the fog. 

"No. I said we were safer. Not safe. No one is ever safe if Death is after them."

A grin pulled at his wind scarred cheeks. Death was only one of the many nicknames his victim's kin had given him over the years. Desperate to give a name, any name, to the killer that took so many without a trace.

It made them feel safer.

Safer but never safe. Not from him.

His target was some fat Lord from some country or other. He couldn't be paid enough to care about the specifics. 

Hidden behind what was left of the delapitated stables back wall, he couldn't help but quietly chuckle, imagining the Lord's discomfort at being forced to live in the run down place.
Somehow, the Lord had learned that his name had been called. He had fled to the safety of the far off castle with no tie to his name.  

Too bad it had been for naught.

The weight of the blades in his hands felt right as he stepped out of the shadows and made his way towards the guards.


 As with last time I'd love to know if you think I managed to capture the heart of the prompts or not.

 Thanks for joining me.

 God Bless,