Lindsi McIntyre is a linguaphile from Texas who hopes to use her words, both written and spoken, to bring glory to the Lord Most High. When not writting she can be found within the pages of a good book, or watching the latest episode of her favorite tv shows, and drinking way too much tea while doing both.  

Why, Elegance Is My Arrow?

 Elegance Is My Arrow is a simple reminder to myself about the power of words, the power of the truth, and the reason I write. Like an arrow speeding elegantly towards its target, words should have a clear cut purpose and not just be used as battering rams.

About One Beginner to Another:

 I started One Beginner to Another for a few different reasons.

 The main reason is to learn.

If you can't explain something to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself. -Albert Einstein

 I love the quote above and it has been repeated in different ways by experts for years. If you want to learn, try teaching. I am hoping that by taking what I know and trying to teach it to others, I will solidify the knowledge in my own mind and find any areas where I am lacking.

 The second reason is to be a part of and give back to the writing community. I want to encourage others through their struggles if I can and find helpful criticism in the online writing community.

 Please feel free to comment on my blog posts. I welcome constructive criticism, thoughts on new topics and even stories of your own struggles. But please keep content clean. 

About Guest Posting:

 Guest posts are welcome and I encourage anyone who is interested in posting on my blog to contact me through my contact page. 

 A couple things, though:

 All guest posts will be pre-approved before I post them. The content must be clean, as I try not to curse or use any vulgar language. (Kids might visit this site, ya know?) If the content is not clean, I reserve the right to edit/censor language I deem inappropriate or even refuse the post altogether. 

 Thank you for your understanding. :)