Writing Prompt Contest

 This is a story that I wrote for a writing prompt contest hosted on E.J W's blog last week. 

  E.J provided a picture to the participants and then allowed us to write about what we thought was going on in the picture.

  The story could only be 250 words long so that added to the challenge. I had a lot of fun participating in this contest. The other writer's stories were amazing. Which is probably why I am so excited to say I won! This is actually the first time I have won a writing contest, so I am really psyched!

 You can head over to her blog here and check out the picture. I'd love to know if you think I did a good job capturing the image. E.J. also has a lot of other interesting content so stay a while and check it all out. 

 God Bless,




The rope bit deep into Aaron's palm as he dangled high above the ballroom floor. 

Below, the Lords and Ladies of the land went about their daily lives, too busy looking down on everyone around them to notice him dangling from the ceiling rafters.

A herald cried out for attention from where he stood by the door.
"Her Highness, the Crown Princess Gisselle."

The massive doors opened. The princess entered the room.

Show time.

Aaron's grip tightened around the razor sharp blade he held in his right hand as the Princess made her way up the center of the room. His focus shifted to those gathered on the sidelines, alert to any suspicious movement. He had not been a big fan of the plan to use the Princess as bait to catch her would be assassin. His opinion hadn't mattered though. All he could hope for was to stop the killer in time.