Ways To Use A Characters Name for Added Depth

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 This weeks post covers interesting ways we writers can use our character's names to add depth to our stories. 

 Ways to use a Character’s name.

1.     Use it to motivate them.

  A character with an unappealing name, such as a woman with an “ugly” name or a child with the surname of a criminal, can be motivated by the desire to change their name or create a new meaning for it through their own hard works.

 No one wants to be stuck with a terrible name. So, let's give our character a terrible name and use it to set our stories in motion.

2.     Use it to define them.

  One of the subtler ways to use a name is to give it a special meaning.

  Most readers won’t ever even know what the secret meaning is. It’s mainly for us, the writer, to use to keep the character’s main personality firmly in our minds.

 This is used best when the chosen name reflects our character's personalities or goals. 

3.     Use it to share worldbuilding facts about your fictional world.

 This is a lot like using the name to define your characters, but in this case, you’d share the meaning of the name with your reader.

  We’d accomplish this by naming the character after something unique found only in our fictional worlds.

 Maybe the name of a special plant, or maybe they’d share the surname of a famous long-dead hero. Something that roots them in their environment and allows us to share a bit of that environment with readers. 


  And there you have it. A couple of interesting ways to play character names up to our advantage.

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