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 It took a little while, but I am finally ready to reveal my new project. The Homebody Tourist is now officially online. The idea is to be a travel blogger that focuses on my home city. Head over to the tab above to see the first post which explains about it all in more detail. I also want to give a big thanks to all of the people who supported this idea in it's infancy.

 Another big change is that I plan to password protect access to my short stories and other fiction work. I really want to offer something special to my subscribers and this is what I came up with.   

 Access to Journeys will stay open to everyone, to promote the authors who graciously guest posted.

 If you do not want to subscribe to my Newsletter, no worries, you can go to the Homebody Tourist tab and subscribe only for updates to that blog. 

 Below you'll find the titles of some of my latests post in Reference. A blog created to give writers interesting information to give realism to their work. But there's a lot more content on the main page so be sure to check it out through the link above, One Beginner to Another. (You will need the passwords to click through the links.)

 But that's not all. I also host a blog called Journeys where other authors quest post by sharing their writing stories. (below left) And a blog titled Fiction 101 filled with thoughts on the craft of writing. I also share some of my own personal accomplishments as a writer. (below right You will need the password to click through the links.)

If you would like to contact me about possibly guest posting on my blog "Journeys" you can through the contact page. But be sure to head to the "About" page and read my guest post policy first. Thanks!

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