The Homebody Tourist Visits: The Fountains At Farah


 Thanks for joining me again this week. I know life is busy, and you have no idea how much I appreciate you spending a little of your precious time with me. :)


 A little while ago I was asked to work late so my parents could go drag racing. (Racing motorcycles is a hobby of theirs, and we like to support them as much as we can.) 

  Because of this, we were all starving when we finally closed the shop for the day. (Although in actuality, I always feel that way when I get off work. XD )

  This lead to a spirited discussion about what we would eat. The only kind of discussion my family ever has about food. XD And we finally settled on a popular Chinese place located in the Fountains.


  The Fountains at Farah is fairly new construction here in El Paso.

  It is a little shopping center on the East side of town that was built with both functionality and personality in mind. It's called the fountains after the many water fountains built in the central area. In the summer time these fountains provide a bit of fresh air and they look beautiful year round. 

  The Fountains has many of the places you'd expect to find in a shopping center. 

  You can shop for clothes, go out to eat at a restaurant or fast food place, or grab a treat from the Menchies or the Chocolate shop there. Basically it is a great place to spend a couple of hours.

  So that's what we did. We took our time and had a great dinner, then window shopped for the next hour or so. 

  The interesting thing about the Fountains is, the people who built it didn't just make it and leave it alone. They host different events there. Last year they even had ice skating during the winter.

 The night we went, they were having their weakly movie night. Rogue One was playing on a projector in one of the grassy areas, and a large crowd was picnicking on the grass and watching the movie. 

  There was even a storm trooper making his way around the crowd so those gathered could take pictures.

  We went down the walkway of the lower level and then made our way to the pet shop on the upper level. I think it's worth noting that the pet shop was trying really hard to find forever homes for a half dozen stray cats. I love that kind of work and hope they succeed. (Unfortunately I am allergic to cats, so couldn't take one myself.)

  Of course as soon as they saw the fish, my sisters had to have one. Somehow we managed to escape without a new addition to the family, though it was a struggle.

  Then we walked all the way to the other end of the shopping center to the book store. I can't possible go anywhere that has a book store and not go in. There really wasn't any question on the matter. 

  I love book stores so much that we ended up spending about a half hour there. 

  And finally we ended our night with a frozen yogurt treat.


  It's really not hard to understand why the Fountains are always so crowded. It's a nice place to just go and relax, with a ton of outdoor seating areas, and lots of shade. 

 There's so much to see, that you don't even have to spend much money to have a good time.

  I would give them the "Oh so important!" arbitrary rating of: five pet store fish out of five pet store fish. 

  I'll definitely be visiting the area again.

 And now it's time for my favorite part of the post. The part when you get to share your stories with me!

 What's your favorite shopping mall experience? Do you have any funny stories tied to a shopping center?

  Let me know in the comments!

  God Bless,