The Homebody Tourist Visits: The Internet


 I loved to travel as a kid.

 I loved the excitement of seeing new things, the thrill of conquering new challenges and the terror of being forced out of my comfort zone.

 I even enjoyed the mundane task of of organizing and packing my bags for the trips I took. Creating list after glorious list of things that needed to be brought so I would be sure not to forget anything, making sure to check off each item like a true professional. 

 Yep, I loved everything that went with travel.

 Unfortunately responsibilities and a lack of funds had made travel a thing of my past. I could no longer find the time for it. At least, not as often as I wanted. Sure I got a trip in here and there, but my wanderlust remained unsated. 

 Deciding to pursue a career as a writer didn't help things either. 

 Between family responsibilities, my dreams to get published, and the fact that food cost money and you need food to live, I had to perpetually put travel on the back burner. 

 Then I heard about an amazing vocation that combined writing and travel.

 Travel blogging. 


 Travel blogging could become my ticket to doing all of the things I loved. And still getting to eat.

 Sadly, it couldn't help with those familial responsibilities I mentioned. 

 So it seemed that travel blogging would need to be added to the list of dreams I'd have to wait to pursue. 

 That is, until I had a strange idea.

 What if I wrote a travel blog focused on the places I visited here, in my own home city?

 I have always lamented the fact that there are amazing places here in El Paso that I've never been to before. 

 Though I have plenty of access, I somehow never find the time to explore my own awesome city. 

 I see billboards and news articles all the time letting everyone, near and far, know about awesome attractions, or new fairs, or local eateries that they just have to try, and I think "I have to go do that sometime". Only, I never do.

 I can't be the only one who does this...Right?

 Desperately trying to feel normal here guys. Help me out?


 My plan is simple. 

 Once a week, try something new. 

 Go somewhere a tourist might if they were staying the night or just passing through. 

 Eat something I never have before. 

 Go to a local festival.

 Explore a shopping center with stores I've never been in before.

 Something fun and exciting that will not only salve my wanderlust but also highlight an awesome aspect of El Paso that I never knew before.

 Thusly, The Homebody Tourist rises. 

 If you're interested in following along, a new post will be going up every Sunday afternoon. And if you have any suggestions for places to visit, I'd love to hear them.

 God Bless!