Take Caution When Reading About The Bible

Reading about the Bible can be a dangerous endeavor. Not reading the actual Bible, which is the inspired Word of God, but reading other people's thoughts on the stories and topics found in the Bible.

I am not particularly intelligent, nor am I particularly persuasive or charming. I am also not particularly righteous. With all of that in mind, you're probably forced to wonder why I'd ever dare to write about the things written in the Word of God Himself.

The answer is simple: I want to know more. I want to dive deeper into the Word and spend my time turning the thoughts it inspires over in my head until they shine like diamonds. I want to share those thoughts with others and get their thoughts on my thoughts so that I can see if God confirms my beliefs through them. (And yes, I realize how funny that sentence looks.) The Bible says, "As iron sharpens iron" (Proverbs 27:17), that's what I hope to tap into.

And I am sure others who write about the Bible feel the same. We want to grow, and that often calls us to go out on limbs and get our thoughts out there for other people's scrutiny. 

However, this can lead to problems. The devil loves when we carelessly overlap our own thoughts and, worse, our feelings over the verses we read. Without taking proper care we can write or read something that will lead us and the people around us away from God instead of to Him. 

Delving deeper into the Word is never bad, even if we do so by reading devotionals or scripture related blog posts, but there are a few things we should keep in mind while doing so.

Instructors, Teachers, and Bloggers Are Human 

Instructors, teachers, bloggers, and yes, even our parents, are all just human beings.

That means they're just as flawed as we are. 

So, even though they no doubt pray for guidance regularly, work hard to understand complex issues, and want more than anything to do what's right, they'll still make mistakes along the way.

And the devil will be right there when they do, using them to mislead the people around them. 

What About Me?

Of course, I am including myself in that first list of flawed, human bloggers. As much as I want all of my words to be straight from the mouth of God, realistically I have to recognize my own human limitations.

The devil wants to trip me up just as much as he wants to trip up every other Christian and, by doing so, destroy or at least tarnish our testimonies.

We don't write in a vacuum. Our words affect the people around us. So, I pray that God will give me wisdom and show me what to write every time I sit before my keyboard. But, that doesn't mean I won't make mistakes.

So, as you read my posts, and the posts, books, and sermons of others, I ask that you keep God close by your side, pray for His wisdom, and keep an eye out for anywhere that the devil might have slipped in.

Accountability is also important so if you ever see an area in my writing that gives you pause, feel free to ask me about it too. You can contact me through my contact page or even leave a comment below any of my posts.

The Wolves In Sheep's Clothing

There are many writers out there that have a genuine interest in sharing the word of God with others and only write on the topic with good intentions in mind.

However, our enemy the devil is an active foe, and slipping false teachers into our ranks is an opportunity that is too good for him to pass up.

These writers are different from the ones mentioned above because they have no actual interest in leading others or themselves to a deeper understanding of scripture. Instead, they enjoy misleading others, in order to gain notoriety and even wealth from doing so.

True, any writer can fall for one of the devil's schemes and potentially write something misleading to others, but the wolves in sheep's clothing type do so on purpose with the intent to harm. Or at least, the knowledge they are causing harm and a complete lack of remorse because of it.

In such cases, you really need to be tapped into God's wisdom so that you'll be able to spot the lies and fight against them, even if just in your own mind. 

Prayer and careful self-study into God's words are great ways to do so.

God is the Only True Source of Spiritual Knowledge

As much as we want to understand the weight and breadth of God there simply isn't any way we really can this side of heaven. 

Sure we try, and I think God is happy when we do. But it's so, so, so important to remember that God Himself is the only true source of Spiritual knowledge. 

He is the only one who can really reveal those truths to us. Sometimes He reveals said truths to a pastor, writer, or even an average Joe, and they feel obligated to share that knowledge with others. But it's a truth that still originated with God. And one that has been filtered through a flawed human mind into other flawed human minds.

Ever heard of the game telephone?

That can happen with spiritual topics too.

So, it's always best to go into any discussion, book, or movie about God with Him right by your side and a prayer for His wisdom on your lips.

That way we're not only likely to learn much more than we would have on our own, we can also rest in the knowledge that God is there to point out any untruths that may have slipped into the mix.

Once you're walking with God, He'll keep you on the right path.

If you have any question, comments, or just want to chat about the Bible, feel free to leave a comment below! I love hearing from you!